Unique, cozy and welcoming Sequim Lodging

Experience fabulous and unique Sequim lodging at Red Caboose Getaway where you stay not just in a room, but your own private caboose! The themed cabooses are situated “roundhouse fashion” with an active duck pond habitat in the center. Each caboose is your own private romantic suite with luxurious and unique interiors with beautiful original weathered oak floors and queen beds. (Track #9 has 2 full). Authentic on the exterior, the interior has been updated to accommodate the expectations of our 1st class passengers. Each caboose has a fireplace, beverage center with small fridge, coffee or tea, cable service, TV/DVD with themed movies, clock radio, hair dryer, soap, shampoo, and soft cuddly robes and free Wi-Fi. We look forward to your stay, view availability.

Track #1 “The Casey Jones” $269

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Board our "Casey Jones" straight off the Station Platform with easy access up the side station ramp with the entrance to our private dining car only a few steps away. The front area of the caboose retains the working conductor's desk and has a flat screen TV, DVD Player (with a selection of railroad themed movies), an electric fireplace, mini refrigerator and a queen bed. The central cupola has high backed conductor chairs upstairs with closets below. The rear area features a corner shower, pedestal sink and the original toilet room. Decorated with a collection of railroad memorabilia and posters. This caboose is perfect for that special conductor in your life.

Track #2 “The Orient Express” $269

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Climb the stairs and relive the Romance of the Rails in our luxury "Orient Express" private rail car. This elegant caboose has a flat screen TV, DVD Player (with a selection of Orient Express themed movies) and mini refrigerator along with a queen bed warmed by the glow of the corner fireplace up front. Go up the stairs in the center cupola and sit in one of the two comfortable high backed conductor chairs with closets below. The rear area has a whirlpool bath for two, pedestal sink and toilet room.

Track #3 “The Circus Train” $269

Our fun caboose decorated with circus posters and a circus wall mural. The front area has a flat screen TV, DVD Player (with a selection of circus themed movies) and mini refrigerator along with a queen bed which is set under a circus tent canopy. Flickering flames in the front fireplace will keep you cozy at night. The center cupola has the original high backed conductor chairs with closets underneath. In the rear is a pedestal sink and toilet room. Finally there is a whirlpool bath for two that is shaped like a boat where the water is in the boat; not the boat in the water.

Track #4 “The Western” $269

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Climb (watch that last step-riding high) up into Track #4, our Western themed caboose with Wanted posters and mini fridge decorated to look like a Wells Fargo safe. The front area has a flat screen TV, DVD Player (with a selection of western themed movies), queen bed and a corner fireplace. The center cupola's high backed conductor's chairs are covered in cowhide with closets underneath them. Next a toilet room complete with pull chain toilet. Finally, under the back room's pressed tin ceiling rests an antique 1910 estate size claw foot tub with a handheld shower and pedestal sink. A towel warmer completes the picture.

Track #5 “The Lavender Limited” $269

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"Limited" in railroad jargon meant "the best" and our salute to lavender (Sequim is the "Lavender Capital of America") lives up to its name. The front area has a queen bed is framed by a wall tapestry with wall mounted flat screen TV, DVD/CD surround sound system with a selection of lavender/romantic themed movies and mini refrigerator . The gas fireplace keeps the place warm and cozy. The center cupola is left intact with covered, high backed conductor chairs with closets underneath them. In the back area there is a pedestal sink and toilet room along with a two person whirlpool bath is set below a mural of a lavender field with water coming out of an antique hand pump. (But no pumping required).

Track #9 “The Grape Escape” $269

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This caboose celebrates the noble grape and the Olympic Peninsula's boutique wine industry. This East Coast style "Bay Window" caboose (no upper cupola) has a spacious interior with a couch/convertible double bed as well as a double bed accommodating up to four (children 12 or older only) in this railroad car. This caboose has a flat screen TV/DVD Player (with a selection of wine themed movies) and mini refrigerator. Warmed by a modern electric fireplace with the rear area partially separated by a stained glass panel behind which is a fantastic copper slipper tub sitting on a heated Italian tile floor. The rear area is completed with the toilet room and sink.